BMW R90/6 Custom

The BMW R90/6 was introduced in 1974 alongside the R90S – a motorcycle that would go on to win the first ever AMA Superbike World Championship in 1976. Both bikes utilised a 900cc air-cooled boxer twin, commonly referred to as an “air-head” and both sent power to the rear wheel via a 5-speed transmission and shaft drive.

We’ve been seeing a trend in recent years towards older, air-cooled motorcycles and the BMWs from the ’70s have been amongst the most popular. That said, I don’t think we’ve ever seen one that looked quite like this. It started life as a stock 1976 R90/6 before being customised in the Blitz and Brat schools of thought, this didn’t last long however as it was decided that the bike had the potential to be modified further – into something truly unique.

A slim Honda CB360 fuel tank was sourced, modified and fitted, the tail section was then cropped and a new seat was fabricated. The seat was designed to flow on from the fuel tank in a continuous line and interestingly – it was decided to forgo upholstery. A new set of shocks were added, necessitating new mounts lower down on the cropped frame. The standard exhaust was binned and two new upswept, nickel-plated pipes were added, both exiting under the seat and out to the side. The rear hub, kickstand and foot controls were also nickel-plated – personally I prefer this to chrome as it has a warmer, less blingy feel to it.

That eye-catching headlight was found on an old American truck from the ’60s, it was sourced from Garage Company in Inglewood and was powder-coated and polished before being mounted.

This is the second bike we’re featured from Ken and Brian at Spirit Lake Cycles, the first was the retro-tastic Garelli Monza GT. Both bikes are excellent in their own right, as well as remarkably different from one another, so we’re looking forward to seeing the next creation from the Spirit Lake Cycles workshop.

BMW R90 12 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 10 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 9 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 1 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 18 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 17 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 14 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 13 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 11 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 9 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 8 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 6 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 5 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 4 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

BMW R90 2 740x493 BMW R90/6 Custom

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F4 Helmet by Klim

The F4 Helmet by Klim is one of the most well ventilated full-face helmets currently on the market, its focus on warm weather usability is something we don’t see with many full-face lids and it’s absolutely essential for those of us in warmer climates.

The F4 is built using aerospace fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar® with large air intake ports and exhaust ports, the large opening for the face also ensures that you won’t be left sweltering when the mercury rises.

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1982 South African Grand Prix

The 1982 South African Grand Prix was a highly contentious race and it very nearly didn’t take place, the entire field of drivers commandeered a bus and left the circuit in the days leading up to the race, protesting the plans by FISA (The Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) to change the terms of the driver’s super licenses so that they would be forced to stay with a team for a minimum of 3 years, they would be banned from criticising FISA and they’d have to disclose all of their personal financial details.

The strike was led by Niki Lauda and Didier Pironi, the two men scored a resounding victory over the FISA management and the race went ahead as planned – much to the relief of the fans around the world. It was also to be Lauda’s first race back after his retirement and he was to line up on the grid in the new McLaren MP4/1 – the first Formula 1 car to make use of a carbon fibre composite monocoque – a design now used in all forms of high-speed open-wheel racing.

All in all, it’s a fascinating little piece of F1 history and is well worth watching – even for a casual fan.

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Lifeproof iPhone Motorcycle Mount

The Lifeproof iPhone Motorcycle Mount is the solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had till last weekend, I was on my motorcycle in an unfamiliar part of the world and I got lost. Badly lost. As lost as a man can get when there isn’t a woman next to him relentlessly insisting that they stop and ask for directions.

I ended up stopping every few hundred yards to reference the GPS on my iPhone and at some point it occurred to me that this would all be a lot simpler if it was mounted on my handlebar, next to the gauges. After somehow managing to get home, I spent a few hours researching iPhone mounts for motorcycles and discovered the tidal wave of useless plastic crap being peddled by people with questionable engineering ability and no discernible design skills, after wading through what seemed like an eternity of über-tacky I finally found this – the Lifeproof iPhone motorcycle mount.

Made from nylon honeycomb and featuring a quick detach mechanism that allows you to take your phone with you when you park, the Lifeproof mount is also useable on bicycles, jet skis and hang gliders, it has a rotating cradle spins 360° for portrait and landscape viewing, and it offers complete access to all buttons, controls, camera, speaker and microphone.

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Lifeproof iPhone Motorcycle Mount Lifeproof iPhone Motorcycle Mount

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